Not so “Perfect Risk”

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Life HappensInsurance for the “Not So Perfect Risk”

This is our special area of expertise.  If you have health issues or even if you’ve been declined for insurance before we may be of help.

Our special program involves a Medical Underwriter who analyzes an individual’s health issues, secures attending physician medical records and markets it through the 36 carriers that we represent.

Often times we are able to provide excellent coverage for people who otherwise may not be able to purchase quality coverage at a favorable cost.

Three recent cases come to mind:

Case I

A 57 year old male with a recent history of prostate cancer.  We placed $1,000,000 of coverage at a Standard rate.

Case II

A 59 year old male – 5’10”, 220lbs.  A diabetic with an A1C of 10.4 plus slightly elevated blood pressure, and other issues.  We were able to issue $3,000,000 at Table 4.

Case III

A 79 year old male with history of a coronary bypass surgery and has a defibrillator.  We wrote $25,000 of final expenses coverage at standard rate.


Here’s how:

  1. Complete the informal inquiry in as much detail as possible
  2. If you have your medical records send them to me
  3. Tell me how much and what type of insurance you need (Term or Universal Life)
  4. Fax (412-261-5955), e-mail, or mail (Malachy Whalen & Company, Inc. 650 Oliver Building Pittsburgh, PA 15222) the information to our attention.